• Gus Bussmann

Brazilian Supreme Court overrules the prohibition of gay men donating blood in the country

Recently the Brazilian Supreme Court overruled the prohibition of gay men donating blood in the country.

I am fortunate enough to be part of the writing of 2 different amicus curiae that were presented in court and quoted by the presiding judge. For me, the most important argument presented by us and quoted in the jurisprudence is that the LGBT community is:

“a group of the population that lives in situation of vulnerability and is constantly subject of violence, prejudice and violations to their integrity and dignity (…) it is also important to remember that the impossibility to donate blood does not allow the exercise of solidarity by homosexuals in relation to their peers, victims of violence: it couldn’t be exercised in Orlando, it couldn’t be exercised in Brazil” till date.

It reinforces our arguments and allow us to strengthen our fight in other fronts - and I can wait for the new chapters of our fight and our story.

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