• Gus Bussmann

My Profile on EIN

"With a Ph.D. in Human Rights and Democracy, The Expert is primarily focused in the protection of Human Rights in the international scenario, working with a wide variety of immigration and asylum matters. The Expert is a Diversity and Inclusion Officer and a Legal Adviser with experience in Human Rights and International Law, previouslysponsored by The Law Society of England and Wales and benefitted from the Government Authorised Scheme to share and acquire knowledge, experience and best practices of Law and Human Rights in the United Kingdom. With practise both in Brazil and in the UK, I am skilled to deal with intricate issues and experienced in cases brought to the Supreme Court and to International Courts; The Expert aims to find trans and multi-disciplinary approaches involving Law, Critical Theory and International Jurisprudence.

As a lawyer, The Expert's experience encompasses the presentation of research and reports in human rights issues involving migrants and asylum seekers. Also, responsibilities that include research and preparation of reports on human rights and international law; sexual orientation, gender identity and sexuality; race and ethnicity; cultural practices and comparative/public international law;

As a result of their thesis The Expert is carrying out several research projects that relate to the international protection of LGBTI identities. The Expert scrutinizes decisions and propose critical and technical analysis calculating methodical approaches to problem solving and addressing the Law to concrete situations. Notable cases include the protection of vulnerable people and issues involving persecution on the basis of race, religious beliefs or sexuality (in which I specialize). With a vast amount of previous experience with management of complex situations and as a legal representative of the U.S. American Bar Association for Human Rights, The Expert has further enhanced their skills as a speaker, by taking part in speeches at Oxford University, United Nations Centre of Human Rights, and the International Red Cross in Iran. The Expert published their first book in 2017  and their first collaboration with the Law Society website in 2018. The Expert presented their final thesis in 2019 – with honours".

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