• Gus Bussmann

Starting a new job in 2020

The year started full of promises as in January I was starting what I thought it would be my dream job. An easy commute to Westminster and an office located in an 18th century building, I was enjoying every minute of my lunchtime walks by the Thames and with the astonishing views of Parliament Square.

A great productive start led me to numerous meetings, relationship building and the promotion of extremely successful events celebrating Diversity and Inclusion. Nothing could go wrong for me. I had passion and inspirational leaderships - which were lacking in my previous work environments. This was my year.

As the pandemic became more and more real, I took the necessary precautions, but was not really bothered by its effects on my personal life as I was filled with optimism. But when businesses started to suffer, I was surprised by the news that I would be put on furlough. I was, however, positive about that as it would be my chance to chill, to have a well deserved break after really hard couple of years.

So I rested, watched series, drank wine during the day. I was patiently waiting to get back to my routine.

As the weeks went by I started to feel unsettled. The 3 weeks of furlough were to become 3 months. And then I had the indication that it would become 6 months, and that my role was at risk. So there I was, forced to apply for jobs again. Not enough time to achieve what I wanted in my dream job, not really convinced that I wanted that change.

On a personal level, I started to run. I was an ultimate challenge and the last drop of motivation I needed to make positive changes in my life whilst trapped in a house.

Throughout the summer I experienced the different emotions of re-encounters with friends, high hopes that the world would go back to where it was. I was also applying and interviewing for different positions - sometimes out of my league, sometimes not really exciting … but in the end, I needed to feel productive again.

So with September came the opportunity to become a consultant for an extremely interesting company. It was the step up in my career and the chance I needed to build on the foundations I had in my CV. I am now in charge of designing and implementing a project plan. It’s on me now to define the scope, the key milestones, budget, risks, issues etc. It is extremely exciting and, of course, time to reflect on the year.

With this new role I set up my own consultancy, met with accountant and all sorts of advisors … I got ready for the most exciting challenge of the year (so far).

It is crazy to think about all I felt this year and what a difference a couple of months make. I would never expect all these changes and the opportunities that could be made possible in my life. As I still long for the peace of mind I had in January, knowing that nothing could go wrong in 2020, I am committed to the new idea that I will always be able to adapt, that change is fuel to my dreams.

Now onwards and upwards, I have my own company to run.

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