Gus Bussmann

Expert in Human Rights and LGBT+ Rights

Deputy Head of Policy at Pride in London

Diversity and Inclusion Officer

External Consultant - Human Rights Specialist 


About Me

With a Ph.D. in Human Rights and Democracy, I am primarily focused on the protection of Human Rights in the international scenario, working with a wide variety of immigration and asylum matters. I am a diversity and inclusion officer and a legal adviser with experience in human rights and international law, previously sponsored by The Law Society of England and Wales and benefitted from the Government Authorised Scheme to share and acquire knowledge, experience and best practices of Law and human rights in the United Kingdom. With practice both in Brazil and in the UK, I am skilled to deal with intricate issues and experienced in cases brought to the Supreme Court and to International Courts; I aim to find trans and multi-disciplinary approaches involving Law, Critical Theory and International Jurisprudence.

As a lawyer, my experience encompasses the presentation of research and reports on human rights issues involving migrants and asylum seekers. Also, responsibilities that include research and preparation of reports addressing human rights and international law; sexual orientation, gender identity and sexuality; race and ethnicity; cultural practices and comparative/public international law;


As a result of my thesis I am carrying out several research projects that relate to the international protection of LGBTI identities. I scrutinize decisions and propose critical and technical analysis calculating methodical approaches to problem solving and addressing the Law to concrete situations. My notable cases include the protection of vulnerable people and issues involving persecution on the basis of race, religious beliefs or sexuality (in which I specialize). With a vast amount of previous experience in management of complex situations and as a legal representative of the U.S. American Bar Association for Human Rights, I have further enhanced my skills as a speaker, by taking part in speeches at Oxford University, United Nations Centre of Human Rights, and the International Red Cross in Iran. I published my first book in 2017  and my first collaboration with the Law Society website in 2018. I presented my final thesis in 2019 – with honours. 


Blog and News


Pride in London

November, 2019

Pride in London appoints Gus Bussmann as new Deputy Head of Policy.


Law Society

July 2018

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 Doctor Degree

September, 2019

After 4 years of hard work and research I was finally awarded my Doctor Degree. Click to read the  

abstract of my thesis.

I am an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) officer with over 10 years of experience. In my career as a project manager in the legal sector I managed a team of 40 people. I excel building and developing relationships, improving efficiencies and ensuring our strategic goals are met from inception to completion.


I have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the positive steps that can be taken with authentic allyship building. Furthermore, I have literacy on the legal framework available to enable the promotion of a new culture of EDI. I therefore combine technical and practical approaches that can bring tangible value to a company. It is a highlight of my career to be acknowledged as an influential voice within the UK and the US courts of justice. 


I manage different projects at the same time and establish priorities, organising different urgencies and assess the business practices to define and pursue concrete, mission-critical goals. In my latest project, I had the challenge to complete the final stage of an EDI strategy plan and support the design the new one (2020-2023). I also worked defining and and translating specific goals into what has become a innovative and robust programme aiming to transform the company into a thought leader in the sector. I cultivate EDI networks to connect employees, professionals and external experts.


I’m confident, therefore, that I can bring:

  • Demonstrated success developing and implementing innovative EDI programmes;

  • Team and project leadership skills paired with the ability to create synergy around a mission

  • Proven ability to facilitate critical dialog championing new resources and support programs; 


Having studied in 4 countries, presented lectures in events all over the world and engaged in the UN, Red Cross, Oxford University and Science Po’s events, I am a valuable transformative voice to my clients.  My accomplishments include a ‘Professional of the Year’ award in a Law firm in the City of London and a visa sponsorship as ‘an experienced professional sharing knowledge and best practices’ by the Law Society. Committed to positive change and sustainable growth, my experience and passion are assets that can be applied in your company's next project. 

Get in touch to discuss a bespoke plan for your company.

Projects and Research

At present I am carrying out several research projects that aim to address some of the following issues:

  • The artificiality of identities and how time, language and representation shape our understandings and narratives. This is especially applicable to migrants and refugees;

  • Law as restraint and as domain, how to re-think our legal frameworks and to transform our legal instruments. How international law is important to promote the (re)signification of identities and to give viability to forms of living;


  • International Law and new forms of protection of vulnerable people; how to use our legal norms and treaties to expand the protection of individuals. This study is mainly relevant to people with interseccional vulnerabilities;


  • Right of Private Life and difficulties experienced by targeted people in societies where Democracy is weak;


  • Human Rights in Latin America, the role played by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the intersectional vulnerabilities that happen to minorities.